Using server technology to enable team collaboration

Accelerate team productivity

Why team collaboration?

When three or more people start working together on a translation project, they quickly encounter the limitations of desktop tools – so efficiency is lost through manual sharing and synchronizing of project files, translation memories and terminology.

Working with a team is often the most rewarding and efficient way of achieving common goals. Teams that work well will complete projects faster and each team member can benefit from the input of others within the team. Using technology to manage projects and share assets such as Translation Memory and Terminology across teams of translators improves quality, consistency and reduces time to completion.

With more projects, more languages, more clients and additional team members, the management of files becomes complex and a burden on the team. What’s more, unexpectedly absent team members can impact on project delivery. With SDL Trados GroupShare you eliminate the administrative burden, so your team can focus completely on delivering quality translations. The team is more efficient and has more time to translate – rather than administrate.


  • Do you need to collaborate with teams or peers on translation projects?
  • Do you need to share critical files within the team or see a view of project progress?
  • Do you want to store and share resources for reuse with translators globally?

Why translation technology?

With the growing amount of content that needs to be translated to support global business, translators and localization professionals can utilize translation technology solutions to aid in the localization process to dramatically improve quality and efficiency. All previous translation can be stored for future re-use, terminology management centralized to enhance consistency, and projects shared online for easy access.

How we can help

Team collaboration solutions help:

  • Reduce project turnaround time and cost.
  • Increase visibility of project status across the team.
  • Improve translation quality.
  • Streamline project set up.
  • Add more fun to the translation process!

How it works

Translation team collaboration is enabled through technology that combines terminology management, translation memories and project management. With these combined capabilities, teams have a collaboration hub that enables them to work with peers to take on larger translation projects without the required overhead of enterprise translation management solutions. Teams can share files and projects easily and use common file filters for segmentation so that every team member can work together effectively and have visibility into the progress of the team.

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